Social distancing or emotional disconnect ?

Last weekend I visited my home town, Meerut. It is a small town that takes pride in being close to Delhi, part of the NCR. Despite being so close myself, I haven’t been able to visit for a while now, owing to the lockdowns being imposed after the surge in cases during the second wave.Continue reading “Social distancing or emotional disconnect ?”

Roza Musings – Values of customs and passing them on

My earliest memory of Ramzan is of my father, sitting across the dining table with all the seasonal fruits washed and placed neatly in a basket as he would diligently cut perfectly sized cubes of each fruit one by one. The fruit chaat has always been a quintessential part of the dastarkhwaan which has lipContinue reading “Roza Musings – Values of customs and passing them on”

How to talk to get heard

Effective communication-How to talk with strangers Conversations are the most effective tools to build on any kind of relationships. In the personal space, talking leads to strengthening bonds, remember the first time you met your special someone and made sure you said the right things to create a good impression. Our professional life is justContinue reading “How to talk to get heard”

Smart Vocabulary-English Phrases and Idioms

English language is abundant with phrases and expressions. The phrases which might appear easy when you hear them for the first time may not have the literal same meaning as the words used in them. Such expressions are called idioms and using them in your conversation makes a good impression on the listener. The idiomsContinue reading “Smart Vocabulary-English Phrases and Idioms”

Commonly mispronounced English words

English is a funny language. As a speaker from a country where it is the second most popular language I have embarrassed myself often because of incorrect pronunciations. More often than not these have been some basic words. When it comes to pronouncing words which may not be so commonly used (or maybe) we oftenContinue reading “Commonly mispronounced English words”